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For users BTC、ETH、ERC20、TRX、TRC20、USDT、EOS、LTC、XRP、BCH Multi Chain currency management service

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Mobile phone or email account registration,And set the security password

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An application can dock with a system,Configure application server IP And fill in your own program callback notification address

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It can be tested online API Interface ,Understand the interface process。

Docking interface

see API Document and download SDK,View related tutorials in the development documentation and help center

Digital currency

Convenient and reliable digital asset management tool,Open style API Interface to easily manage multi chain assets

Bitcoin BTC

Bitcoin(BTC)It's a peer-to-peer network,use PoW Cryptocurrency of consensus mechanism

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Ethereum ETH

Ethereum is a decentralized application(DApp)Global open source platform,Platform currency ERC20

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grapefruit EOS

EOS yes Block.One A low level public chain system of blockchain

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TEDA coins(USDT)Yes Tether The stable value currency of the company (USD)Token of

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Wave field TRX

Wave field(TRON),It is a blockchain decentralized application operating system,Platform currency TRC20

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xrp XRP

The rupiah is Ripple The basic currency of network ,It can be in the whole ripple Circulation in the network

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Document currency FIL

Filecoin Document currency It's a decentralized storage network。It has built-in economic incentives,Ensures reliable storage of files over time。

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Bitcash BCH

Bitcoin cash is a peer-to-peer e-cash system。It is a decentralized digital cryptocurrency without authorization

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Lettercoin LTC

Lettercoin (Litecoin, LTC) It's bitcoin(BitCoin, BTC) Inspired by the introduction of the improved version of digital currency。

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Global partners

So far 10000+Global partner selection ztPay wallet ,Leading blockchain wallet solution provider


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Public chain assets

ztPay Wallet support management BTC / USDT / BCH / ETH / ERC20-TOKEN / TRX / TRC20-TOKEN / EOS / LTC / XRP And other mainstream currency public chain assets,And issuing token assets on its chain,All public chain assets will be supported in the future。 A kind of

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First hand control of assets,The wallet adopts the card type asset management form,It can not only manage mainstream public chain assets、Token assets based on public chain issuance。
Private key management by users,Safety isolation、Data encryption and other security patents support multi signature。 The wallet is a combination of hot and cold wallets、Secondary encryption of private key、Login SMS verification、Transaction audit and other security risk control modes,There are more hardware wallets to ensure the absolute security of assets。

300000 +

Becoming a partner

Sichuan Zhetian Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2017 Will another round of mining frenzy be set off soon? 5 month,Focus on providing solutions based on blockchain digital currency industry。 ztPay Completely based on independent research and development 2018 Officially launched at the beginning of the year ,The old and new systems have been continuously updated。 Because of the first step in the industry,And have a higher experience、Perfect system function,Unique in the industry,First of all, we get more user support。

Blockchain is an emerging industry, which has great development space,We have a long way to go。ztPay Adhering to the attitude of mutual benefit, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation ,All investment institutions are welcome to become our partners, Investment and acquisitionPlease contact us on the platform。


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