How far is the future from us?

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From the aspect of installation and use,DC/EP Operation and general APP There is no difference ,It is very consistent with the residents' use habits,It completely avoids the problem of high threshold for the use of cryptocurrency such as bitcoin。From the perspective of anonymity,Central Bank DC/EP Real name registration required 。use DC/EP Digital wallet needs name input 、ID number,DC/EP The requirement of real name registration is far from the anonymous transaction property of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin 。

4 month 14 Day and night ,Screenshots from multiple communities,The Agricultural Bank of China (ABC) is taking the central bank's digital currency as an example DC/EP Internal testing of wallets 。

According to an insider at the Agricultural Bank of China, "the people's Bank of China and the four major banks,Ali and Tencent are the first stop of the central bank's digital currency internal test,The pilot work will be carried out in Chengdu、Suzhou、Xiong'an and Shenzhen。Taiguli is the first merchant to apply in Chengdu。"

subsequently,Some media have given the test link,And provides DC/EP Personal wallet operation guide and DC/EP Screenshot of wallet 。According to the report,"A person close to the central bank said the test wallet was true,But only for customers on the white list。"

If the message is true,This internal test will undoubtedly become a milestone in the history of digital currency development of the Central Bank of China。

  01 From "ready to come out" to "start internal test"  

in fact,As early as 2019 year 8 month 10 day ,Mu Changchun, then deputy director of the central bank's payment and settlement department, said: "from 2014 Year to present ,Central bank digital currency(DC/EP)It has been five years,Now?‘Ready to come out "。"Then in 9 month 6 day ,He officially became director of the digital currency Institute of the central bank。

It was also last year 8 month ,Forbes quoted a former employee of China Construction Bank as saying,The Central Bank of China will officially launch digital currency in the next few months,At the initial stage, it will be sent to the industrial and Commercial Bank of China、China Construction Bank、Bank of China、the Agricultural Bank of China、Alibaba、Tencent and UnionPay issued by seven institutions。

and 2020 This sudden epidemic in ,It has accelerated the pace of the introduction of the central bank's digital currency。3 The beginning of the month ,"Epidemic situation is the catalyst of digital economy," said the Research Committee of national development and Reform Commission,fast、comprehensive、Accurate data acquisition and analysis is the premise of efficient decision-making。Post epidemic period,The state may increase investment and procurement。The introduction of central bank digital currency may be accelerated,It becomes a special flow direction controllable in the whole process‘Special funds "。Central bank digital currency,Or become‘New version of "four trillion" directional stimulation options,Or it will speed up the launch。"

4 month 14 Inside test screenshot of Agricultural Bank of China ,Let the previous various statements and conjectures have been confirmed。

The digital currency of the central bank has the feature of non-contact payment。During the outbreak,Many people worry that cash will become a vehicle for the spread of the virus,The collective disinfection of cash is still fresh in people's memory。in addition,Compared with cash,In the post epidemic Era,Digital currency is more conducive to the government's direct "helicopter throwing money" to people,And negative interest rate stimulus。Extraordinary period,The government is also more aggressive in adopting new technologies than before。

The United States at the top of global finance,Just this year, we have changed our insipid attitude towards the central bank's digital currency。this year 2 month ,US Federal Reserve Chairman Colin Powell said the Federal Reserve was studying and discussing the central bank's digital currency 3 month ,Both houses of Congress have submitted economic stimulus plans including the digital dollar program,This is the first time that a US political figure has formally proposed the Fed's digital currency。so to speak,The introduction of central bank digital currency is the general trend,Governments all over the world are accelerating the research and layout of this field。

  02  DE/CP The mysterious veil of  

about DC/EP Basic knowledge of ,I won't elaborate on it here,Readers can check Mu Changchun's speech and Yao Qian's series of papers。Here we mainly to analyze the content of the screenshot circulated DC/EP What's new about 。

first,From the aspect of installation and use,DC/EP Operation and general APP There is no difference ,It is very consistent with the residents' use habits,It completely avoids the problem of high threshold for the use of cryptocurrency such as bitcoin。use DC/EP,Just download APP,And complete the registration、Set password,Finally, the bank account can be bound for payment。in addition,Mu Changchun once said DC/EP It can be paid offline 。"Dual offline payment",It means that both revenue and expenditure are offline,Payment can also be made。In short,As long as the cell phone has power,Even if the communication network is broken, payment can be realized。For example, the disaster areas where communications were paralyzed in the earthquake、Underground supermarkets or airplanes without Internet,In these scenarios, bank cards and third-party payment tools cannot be used,But it can still be used DC/EP And cash payment 。

secondly,From the aspect of payment process,DC/EP There is no obvious difference between the three party tools such as Alipay. ,In line with the existing mobile payment habits of Chinese residents。Users can realize scan code payment by binding bank card、Remittance and payment functions。Residents can go through APP Convert bank account assets into DC/EP,And use digital wallet to query digital assets。There are four types of wallets,It should be similar to the security protection measures set by the bank card for different amounts and use scenarios。

again,From the perspective of anonymity,Central Bank DC/EP Real name registration required 。As can be seen from the figure above,use DC/EP Digital wallet needs name input 、ID number,DC/EP The requirement of real name registration is far from the anonymous transaction property of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin 。

Previously, Mu Changchun pointed out that,DC/EP It has controllable anonymity 。He pointed out that,Internet payment、Bank card payment is closely bound with the traditional bank account system,It can not meet the needs of the public for anonymous consumption,It is impossible to completely replace cash payment。As long as you don't commit a crime,You want to spend something you don't want to be known about,We still need to protect this kind of privacy。The controllable and anonymous digital currency of the central bank can solve these problems,It can maintain the property and main value characteristics of cash,It can also meet the requirements of portability and anonymity。I guess,The function of controllable anonymity may be realized through the design of four kinds of wallets。such as,Small anonymous payments through a class of wallets,And the binding bank card is upgraded to category II wallet,At this time, you can operate on a larger amount。

last,From the aspect of exchange process,Residents initiate exchange through commercial bank accounts DC/EP Request for ,income DC/EP It belongs to the liabilities of the central bank ,It's essentially M0。This is in line with the previous statement that China's central bank digital currency is a dual system,Dual system refers to the central bank's investment in commercial banks DC/EP,Commercial banks are responsible for dealing with residents DC/EP Exchange work ,And commercial banks should DC/EP conduct 100%Reserve。

  03Will Alipay be replaced?  

Through the above statement to the central bank DC/EP Interpretation of ,Readers will naturally ask: what is the difference between this and our daily use of Alipay and WeChat? After the introduction of digital currency by the central bank,Will financial instruments like Alipay be replaced?

In fact, it was as early as last year 9 month ,According to the director of Changchun Institute of digital currency,

"Some may ask,DC/EP For Alipay 、Does the status of wechat have an impact? Our answer is: No。Because at present Alipay、Wechat also uses RMB for payment,In fact, that is to pay with the deposit currency of commercial banks。After the introduction of digital currency of the central bank,It's just digital RMB,That is, with the central bank's deposit currency,Although the payment instruments have changed,Functions have also been added,But neither the channel nor the scene has changed。"
2019 year 12 month ,The chief economist of Wanxiang blockchain published in the domestic Journal New Finance/A preliminary analysis of electronic payment,The article first combs DC/EP Core features of ,Then, through the comparative analysis of the third-party payment before and after the "disconnection of direct connection", it is concluded that:
"Though DC/EP It belongs to monetary instrument,‘After the direct connection is broken, the third-party payment is mainly the payment instrument,But there are many similarities。If DC/EP Be good enough in technical efficiency and business development ,From the perspective of users,DC/EP And‘Third party payment can bring the same experience after the direct connection is broken。therefore,DC/EP And ‘After the "direct connection" is broken, the third-party payment has mutual substitution in the application。"
The author has specially arranged Mu Changchun's lecture notes,And made a note according to the public information at that time、DE/CP、Comparison of functions between Alipay and WeChat payment tools。in addition,Although yu'ebao and change pass belong to the category of Monetary Fund,But it can also be used for daily payments,So it's still in the table for comparison。

Based on previous public information,Central Bank DC/EP It doesn't pay interest to users who hold currency 。Exchange of French currency DC/EP as well as DC/EP Is there a handling charge for the exchange of French currency It is still unknown。Suppose there is no service charge,Considering whether there is a 1/1000 Commission for both Alipay's cash withdrawals or WeChat's cash withdrawals.,add DCEP It has the nature of legal compensation 、Anonymity and dual offline payment function,So what tools will the public choose to pay? This is worth observing。actually,Under the "monetary revolution" brought about by emerging technologies,Everyone is "crossing the river by touching stones"。

surface 1 Comparison of functional features of payment instruments

however,Considering that Alibaba and Tencent may be allowed to operate in the first batch DCEP Assets in the list of institutions ,The future functions of Alipay and WeChat may also change.。We will see。