Application of encrypted communication Signal Support the use of MobileCoin Make private payment

By Mars Finance 04 month 08 day 10:00 100

Application of encrypted communication Signal A payment function has been tested ,Allow users to send cryptocurrency to other users for privacy。

Signal stay 4 month 6 It was announced on Tuesday ,In the test version of its application, the integration of MobileCoin Our support ,To build a new point-to-point payment system。

This one is called“Signal payment ”The new system is now in use Android and iOS Launch test on the platform ,UK users only。in addition,It only supports MobileCoin Of MOB Cryptocurrency ,MOB It's designed for smart phones 。

according to Cointelegraph report ,this year 1 month ,Signal Private encrypted payment under consideration 。Signal Director of growth and communications Jun Harada Just MobileCoin The privacy function of ,He said:

"As always,Our goal is to keep your data in your hands,Not in our own hands;MobileCoin What does the design mean Signal Unable to access your balance 、Complete transaction history or funds。If you want to switch to another app or service,You can also transfer your money at any time。”

Signal founder Moxie Marlinspike express ,The new payment function attempts to extend its privacy protection to the payment field,This app will provide the same experience for encrypted conversations。

Just a few days ago,It's been reported that more than 5.3 100 million Facebook The user's personal data is published on the hacker forum 。

Signal choice MobileCoin instead of Monero or Zcash And other privacy cryptocurrencies ,Because it's designed for mobile devices,Requires little storage space on the device,And provide high-speed trading。

MobileCoin to 2017 Launched in ,But until 2020 year 12 Trading only started in June 。Signal It is closely related to cryptocurrency ,Marlinspike He has been a technical consultant since the establishment of the project 。

In the field of cryptocurrency,MOB Relatively unknown ,The market value is not listed on major currency analysis websites。At the time of writing this article,It can only be used in FTX Exchange trading ,The daily trading volume is about 8000 Million US dollars 。All in all 2.5 100 million tokens ,After the announcement 24 Within hours ,Its price has gone up 14%,according to Coingecko call ,The current transaction price is 66 dollar 。

3 month 16 day ,according to Cointelegraph According to the report ,Signal It's been accepted 12 Donations in different cryptocurrencies ,As a right Signal Technology Foundation A support for 。Signal Technology Foundation yes Signal Non profit organization behind。