Surging news: a star video sold 20 Million US dollars !NBA Using blockchain Technology "Fried video"

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“NBA Top Shot”New technology。

past times 140 many years ,Panini star card's influence on collectors has been lasting - just a month ago,NBA A star card of lone ranger star Dong Qiqi has been sold 460 Million US dollars (about) 3015 RMB 10000 )The sky high price。

But now,Blockchain is subverting this form of collection,And create a more crazy collection market。

to open up 5 Completed in 12 months 300 More than 10000 transactions ,Secondary market sales reached 4.6 USD100mn ,The highest transaction price reached 20.8 Million US dollars …… All this amazing data comes from a software called“NBA Top Shot”My collection game,Players are not collecting traditional Panini star cards,It's what's called "moments."(moments)Player highlights and video clips。

With the help of blockchain Technology,“NBA Top Shot”It's not just business,It is more likely to be a key to create a new model of commercial sports league。

2019 year 11 month 15 day ,In the game between the Lakers and Sacramento,James' dunk was sold in a flash 20.8 Million US dollars 。

Why“NBA Top Shot”So hot?

What is it NBA Top Shot? This is a model for NBA Fans and collectors offer to buy 、Collection and trading function of the game,yes NBA Official and senior blockchain companies Dapper Labs Products completed by cooperation 。

In short,It's an online forum for virtual basketball card transactions - here,Registered players can buy and sell video clips or moments of their favorite players over the past few seasons,The contents of these transactions are also known as "moments"。

These "moments" don't look like Panini,They only exist on the blockchain,Using cryptography to save,so,They cannot be forged and can be identified at any time。

There are two ways to get these moments,First, it comes directly from“NBA Top Shot”For sale,The price of these "moments" depends on the rarity of the clip,Price from 9 How much do you need to pay for the ordinary card 999 Rare card bags in US dollars The other way is the secondary market,Users can auction their own "moments"。

“NBA Top Shot”The emergence of blockchain can be traced back to another blockchain product with similar transaction mode——2017 year Dapper Labs There's a product called “Crypto Kitties”My game。

Users of this game can buy it in the game、Feeding and selling all kinds of digital cats,And every kitten has its own code and genes,We can have a new generation,Completely owned by the user。

Token used to identify the ownership of each kitten,Later it was called "nonhomogeneous token",Namely Non-Fungible Token(NFT),Refers to a digital asset that records ownership through a blockchain。

in fact,When“NBA Top Shot”In 2020 year 10 When entering the public test in June ,It is also a trading platform with only a few thousand users。however,get into 2021 The short span of one year 3 In six months ,These "moments" began to appear in the virtual auction market at amazing prices。

According to sports illustrated, an American media report,According to the monitoring results of the third-party data platform,reach 3 Mid June ,There have been more than 100 applications on this platform 80 The amount of this time is in 4 Transactions over $10000 ,The highest price is 20.8 Million US dollars ——This "moment" belongs to 2019 year 11 month 15 In the game between the Lakers and kings ,It's called the universe series 1”James dunk moment。

And according to sports illustrated,This year 2 month 4 Day before ,The trading volume of this platform is only 4900 Million US dollars ,But here it is 2 month 22 day ,The total transaction volume of this platform has reached 3.7 USD100mn ,Single trading day 24 Hours of trading limit can be reached 4700 Million US dollars 。

So here comes the question...,Why are these "moments" that can be seen or saved on video sites or social networking sites so popular,And sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars?

"The process of collecting and reselling card packages is addictive。You can buy one quickly NFT card ,And let it appreciate,This is a dynamic process。”NFT Franklin, a loyal collector and investor of cards ·Fitch told Sports Illustrated,The core of transaction value is not "moment" itself,It's a digital token that represents its ownership。

"If you search the Mona Lisa online,You'll find millions of pictures of different qualities,Then you can save your favorite one and print it out,Hang it on the wall。But you don't really have it,Because the original is still in Paris。And digitization makes it easier to NBA The ownership of the authorized original video is in your hands 。”

“Crypto Kitties”Raising cats with blockchain Technology。

5%Profit,NBA With the players

"I seem to have become a collector and a profiteer。”

This is an ordinary Panini star, card lover Daniel·Huttado gives himself in“NBA Top Shot”Positioning in the market。This one 38 My father has 4 A child ,Now, after putting the kids to bed every night,He would turn on his laptop and do one thing,That's what it's all about“NBA Top Shot”"Moment" trading on the Internet。

As a basketball fan,Huttado has always been fond of collecting star cards,It's helping his son find his favorite player, ramero·Bauer's star movie in the process,Hutado found it on other collectors' social networks“NBA Top Shot”。evermore,Hutado's "collection world" has changed dramatically。

The first week,He's invested about a billion dollars 2000 dollar 。And here it is 2 month 17 day ,The value of his investment has grown to 2.7 Million US dollars Again 5 Days after ,The total value of his "moments" rose to 13 Million US dollars ……

Hutado's investment is just“NBA Top shot”A microcosm of many early-stage investors on the Internet - many players invested only a few thousand dollars at the beginning,But suddenly I found that the value of my account increased dozens of times overnight。

You know,When the platform has only a few thousand registered users,It's not difficult to get a "moment" card package -- in 2 At the beginning of the month ,Similar“T.J.McConnell's assists and Jeremy·Grant's dunk 3 reach 4 The price of US dollars ,Like Donovan·Mitchell's assists were free moments even for a while。

however,When users start pouring in,"McConnell's assists" became 100 dollar ,"Mitchell's assists" even became 1000 dollar 。Don't say like LeBron·James、Luca·The classic "moments" of Dong Qiqi and "letter brother",Almost all of them have tripled or even tenfold in value in a very short time。

The crazy appreciation of these virtual "moments" in the trading market,Let“NBA Top Shot”Company of Dapper Labs The pot is full of money ,At the same time, of course, the revenue also comes from the authorization of these game videos NBA union 。

According to sports illustrated,At present, the sales and transactions of these cards and packages are very limited,Charge for every payment 5%That is to say,If a seller packs a card with 1000 Dollar Sale ,He can get it 950 dollar ,The rest 50 The dollar is the profit of developers and investors ,It is allocated to the public in an undisclosed proportion Dapper Labs、NBA union 、NBA The players' Union and the rest of the investors 。

The proportion seems small,But put it in the 5 Months 300 More than 10000 transactions ,The income is amazing enough。

According to official statistics,At current trading levels,“NBA Top Shot”Within a year, it can produce about 170 Billion US dollars ,that 5%That's what we get 8.5 USD100mn ,NBA Alliance and NBA The income that the players' union can get is quite considerable 。

According to Sports Illustrated,NBA This part of the alliance's revenue could reach hundreds of millions of dollars 。

What's interesting is that,NBA It wasn't in the professional sports league "The first to eat crabs"。2018 year ,Dapper Labs I tried to talk to you NFL Players union cooperation ,We launched a Hashletes New blockchain products ,But it didn't really go online in the end。subsequently,NBA The alliance is paying attention to this business opportunity ,And push Dapper Labs Completed the business investigation 。

Where's Morant 2019 year 12 The dunk of the month "Moment" sold 10 Million US dollars 。

Blockchain changes professional sports?

past times 5 In six months ,“NBA Top Shot”Even affect NBA player 。

In the interview of Sports Illustrated,Terrence of Orlando Magic·Ross admits he's "addicted"; Pelican defender Josh·Hart got the "moment" from the fans,Immediately put it on the market to make a profit 2500 dollar ,He is still a registered user,Develop your account value to 6.5 Million US dollars 。

in addition,Hornets defender Terry·Rozier said on social networking,Any purchase belongs to his "moment" and is priced 10 Million dollar people ,There will be a chance to get tickets to the game、A signature Jersey and a chance to go out with him and his teammates。

Players join the trade and collection in person,And we're going all out to promote it on social networks,Let“NBA Top Shot”Now it has become a phenomenal blockchain product。But more importantly,It's not just trading volume and revenue,It may even become a starting point to change the business model of professional alliance。

According to sports illustrated,Although the players' Union and the league's top management declined to comment on whether the revenue from the blockchain product would affect the salary cap and the labor bargaining agreement,But these profits are likely to have an impact NBA Business development in China 。

Blockchain,In the process of NBA Alliance as a starting point ,It affects the future of professional sports league。According to《Sportico》Report,NBA Our bosses set up a blockchain working group ,The working group was led by Lone Ranger boss Kuban and nets boss Cai Chongxin,The goal is to "explore ways to integrate blockchain into alliance business"。

of course,There are still many uncertain factors and external doubts in the blockchain。

Mike, associate professor of emerging technology at Thomas Jefferson University·McCoy is right“NBA Top Shot”Appear on the platform 6 We are shocked and suspicious of the trading volume ,According to his estimate,There are too many bubbles.。

More Than This,“NBA Top Shot”It also has many defects and deficiencies -- the rapid growth of users and the "blowout" of transaction volume,It has far exceeded the expectations of the engineers of this product,so,Various problems have emerged

Including users' complaints about the delay of "time" card package release、Website interruption and customer service robot is not intelligent。This is a common problem in e-commerce,But it once caused the price of "moment" to plummet

More Than This,40 Ten thousand users rush to buy one The appearance of "time" card package,More and more users can only return empty handed; and the company requires users to go through customs clearance before withdrawing money to prevent "money laundering" and other issues,Give Way 80 At present, there are only about 10000 users 3 More than 10000 users can really withdraw cash 。For example, hutado, an early user with a value of several thousand dollars to more than one hundred thousand dollars,It's impossible to withdraw cash now。

however,Dapper Labs Got the latest issue 3.05 US $100 million investment ,Will be used to change these defects and deficiencies - including igodara among all investors、Ding Weidi、Aron·Gordon、Javier ·Players like McKee and temple, and Hornets boss Michael·Jordan and Victor, the boss of Sacramento King·Ranadif。

From player to boss,Again NBA Managers' recognition of blockchain Technology ,It's changing NBA。According to US media reports,The king will be NBA The first sports club to offer bitcoin payment options to all players and staff ,As early as 2019 year ,They want the fans to come out NFT product 。

"If someone had told you before,‘NBA Top Shot’It will grow to the scale it is today,You must say they're lying。”As igodara, who is good at investing, says,"But now,Everything has come true,And you still don't know what blockchain can change professional sports into。”