It is predicted that bitcoin will rise to 10% this year 40 Million US dollars

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In a sustained bull market,How high can bitcoin fly? Traders have been thinking about it。Since last year 10 Since January ,The price of this cryptocurrency has increased five times。

According to the analysts of bitcoin, which is published by Bloomberg,Bitcoin prices are likely to rise from about 56000 The dollar climbed to 40 Million US dollars 。This super optimistic forecast is based on 2017 Year and 2013 The performance of bitcoin during the bull market in 。

"Our chart shows that,The rise and fall of bitcoin 2013 About 55 Sum of times 2017 About 15 Multiple similarity 。According to 2011 The return to high level since 2000 ,To achieve a goal similar to 2021 The extreme price in 2000 ,Cryptocurrency will be close to 40 Million US dollars 。”

Although past performance does not guarantee future results,But history may repeat itself。The latest bull market was last year 5 After bitcoin blockchain reward halved ,That is, the issuance speed of new bitcoin units will be reduced automatically every four years 50%。

stay 2012 year 11 Month and 2016 year 7 After half the reward before the month ,Where is bitcoin 12 reach 18 It's a phenomenal increase in the last two months 。

"What's the year after halving?" wrote a bitcoin analyst at Bloomberg 2021 Year and 2017 Year and 2013 What they have in common ,At the same time, the volatility is low。”He added,2017 year 12 Monthly peak ratio 2015 year 10 The average price observed in June rose 50 times ,at that time 180 The day's volatility reached an all-time low 。

Analysts point out that,Long term volatility indicators are almost revisited 2020 year 9 A record low in January 。The average price of bitcoin that month is about 1.1 Million US dollars 。

Some observers worry,A faster rise in bond yields could dilute the appeal of inflation hedging tools such as gold and bitcoin,So as to drive down their prices。

however,Analysts' forecasts,In an environment of rising returns,Bitcoin will remain relatively resilient。

"Rising real yields are a headwind for gold prices," analysts said,But it's not so bad for bitcoin, which is still in the stage of price discovery。Gold is fighting bitcoin,Bitcoin can be earned in encrypted savings accounts 6%-8%Benefits of,In the digital world,Bitcoin is likely to become a global reserve asset。”

stateside 10 The yield on one-year treasury bonds rose to 1.5%Above 12 After a month's high ,Cryptocurrency in China 2 Fall in the last week of the month 20%。Since then, the yield has continued to rise,Recently it reached 1.77%Of 14 It's a month high 。meanwhile,The bitcoin market has been strong。

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