Why is Boca eco week watch optimistic about Boca; Parallel chain function is connected Kusama,Only east wind

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Weekly observation of Boca,It's a sort out of what happened to the whole ecology of Boca last week,At the same time, we will share some of our observations on these events in the form of vernacular。This article aims to provide information and opinions,No endorsements for any item。Any items mentioned,No investment recommendation,For information only。

1、Observation and viewpoint

There were two big events to watch last week。

One is about blockchain and cryptocurrency market analysis companies Messari Latest release data 。This data shows that,Boca's DOT It has become the most liquid asset held by crypto venture capital and hedge funds 。

Take a closer look at this news,You'll find out DOT It's not just holding the most ,And it's far more than second place。in addition,Row DOT Most of the subsequent projects are DeFi project ,Then there are a few emerging public chains,as NEAR,Solana。This shows that institutions have a consensus on the secondary market of the current blockchain development DOT>DeFi> Xinxing public chain。

DOT The reason why there is such a high consensus among institutions ,We don't know the details,However, we can infer some reasons from Boca's basic situation

1、Boca has the biggest vision in the field of blockchain,And it's in a visual way (at the code level),At the level of ecological construction, it is gradually implemented,It has a unique niche,It is not a better chain like the emerging public chain,Instead, it becomes a blockchain network that can link all blockchains,It's the future web3.0 Key infrastructure 。

The concrete performance lies in,What other public chains do is all ecological DApp,DeFi。The ecology on Boca can be a blockchain application(DApp,DeFi),It can also be a chain(Chain),And each chain can develop its own ecology,Carrying more DApp,DeFi。therefore,Don't compare Boca with other public chains any more,Because both are not on the same track。 

Since Boca is a lower level blockchain infrastructure,When other public chains develop well,Boca can completely pass through the technology of transfer bridge,Connect the existing mature public chain to Boca ecology。therefore,The development of the two is not in conflict。

2、Boca has not yet formally realized the cross chain function,however,The slot auction is about to begin。When slot auction is on,It also means,All parallel links can be connected to the relay chain of Boca,It also represents the cross chain function of Boca。At present, there are hundreds of projects waiting to access Boca,Just wait for Boca's order。

therefore,Boca's ecology is in a stage that has not yet started,There's a lot of potential,And the size of the potential is an important consideration direction of the investment target of the capital side。Maybe these are the two reasons,Now the capital is very optimistic DOT。

The second big event is the founder of Boca Gavin Wood The parallel chain module is formally deployed to the Westend and Kusama runtimes in。

That means Parity The parallel chain function has been added Kusama network,next time Kusama Upgrade will support parallel chain,This is the first step on the parallel chain,It also means that the starting gun of Boca ecology is ready。If you are optimistic about Boca ecology,Then trying to participate in the slot auction of high-quality projects is one of the ways to get the low price quota of projects。But if you're not ready for the start-up of Boca ecology,It's not too late to start。

first,Gathering information。Understanding the preparation of Boca ecology Kusama What are the project parties of slot auction ,What are their respective strategies。

second,process information,And sort out the operation strategy。Select the items you are going to participate in the slot auction,You can choose your favorite projects directly,Or you can calculate the chip price of each item,A relatively optimal target is obtained。Then learn what you need to prepare to participate in the project,How to participate (remember to join the community of the corresponding project),Be well prepared。 

Here's how,Introduction to Boca eco news last week,please Enjoy。

2、Official news of Boca

[Boca] 80%The code needs to be changed to rumor,restructure XCM It has little effect on the online delay of parallel chain 】

stay PolkaWorld Launched the second 3 At the first community seminar ,Bifrost founder Lurpis express ,"Because Boca wants to change it 80%Code for,Therefore, it is a rumor that "leading to online delay of parallel chain"。The reason for this may be because before Gavin A relatively long report was published XCM Update list ,But the changes 80%This code is nonsense。Substrate It is a blockchain framework with multiple modules ,In assets、Consensus、Governance and most other modules have been developed on the basis of,Right now XCM Continue to develop iterations on this module ,XCM As the foundation of Cross Chain Communication ,Of course, we need to be cautious after the improvement。As for reconstruction XCM Will it cause the delay of parallel chain ,I think it will have an impact,But it's not very big。XCM Parallel chain and parallel chain 、Infrastructure of parallel link and relay link communication,It is an important agreement before parallel chain auction。XCM Since the beginning of the test ,Also constantly updated, iterated a lot of new functions,this time XCM There are many updates for ,It involves the definition of source address in cross chain process,Message execution priority and message scheduling,Current progress basis Github display ,XCM The progress of refactoring has been achieved 45%。ChainX Of CMO Kristen It means ,Updating code is normal,Especially after the test of each stage is completed。Community rumors 80%The code needs to be modified,Some exaggeration and exaggeration。

【DOT Become the most liquid assets held by crypto venture capital and hedge funds 】

According to blockchain and cryptocurrency market analysis company Messari Latest release data display ,The most liquid asset held by crypto VCs and hedge funds is Boca token DOT。Messari The analysis includes Multicoin Capital、Panterra Capital、Paradigm Capital and PlaceHolder VC Internal 35 Private venture capital and hedge funds ,It turns out that there are 14 Home ownership DOT,10 Home ownership KEEP and UNI,9 Home ownership COMP、FIL、MKR and CKB,8 Home ownership AAVE、STX、LUNA、GRT and ZEC,7 Home ownership ZRX、DODO、NEAR、NMR、OXT and YFI,6 Home ownership 1INCH、HXRO、SOL、SNX and XRP,5 Home ownership AR、BAL、CELO、ATOM、FLOW、HNS、RLY、SRM and SUSHI。

【Valkyrie Boca fund launched ,from Coinbase Custody trusteeship 】

according to Coindesk report ,Valkyrie Digital Assets This paper introduces a new method of the design Polkadot fund ,from Coinbase Custody trusteeship 。The investment vehicle will enable customers to gain access to the foundation DOT Token appreciation ,as well as Valkyrie adopt Coinbase Custody Income from pledge 8%。Valkyrie Fees will be charged to the fund 2%Management fee。

【PolkaWorld Launch Boca ecological information aggregation website ParaMarketCap】

PolkaWorld Launch Boca ecological information aggregation website ParaMarketCap。ParaMarketCap It aims to gather the latest and complete project information from the ecology ,Provide a summary of Boca ecological profile (including Boca ecological total market value)、Trading volume,And the number of developers and ecological projects in ecology, etc.)、Leaderboard (including market)、Developer and community dimension)。

[founder of Boca] Gavin Wood Formally add parallel chain function to Kusama [Internet]

according to Polkaworld report ,5 month 1 day ,Founder of Boca Gavin Wood The parallel chain module is formally deployed to the Westend and Kusama runtimes in。That means Parity The parallel chain function has been added Kusama network,next time Kusama Upgrade will support parallel chain,This is the first step on the parallel chain,Next, we will conduct governance voting and other white board chain deployment、Public welfare parallel chain,After that, we will start to support the parallel chain registration of the project side,That is to say, the auction we are looking forward to officially opens。

3、Ecological news

[Boca layer 2 expansion protocol] Plasm Network Integrated Ethereum development tools Hardhat】

Boca layer 2 expansion protocol Plasm Network Tweet ,Ethereum development tools have been integrated Hardhat,Users can Plasm Network Used on Hardhat Deploying Ethereum smart contract 。

【Nexus Mutual Extend coverage to Polkadot and BSC And other related network accidents 】

according to CoinDesk news ,DeFi Insurance items Nexus Mutual It is expanding its insurance coverage beyond Ethereum 。Nexus It was announced last Monday ,Will be covered by "agreement"(Protocol Cover)To satisfy DeFi Growing demand ,And will be covered Polkadot、Cosmos and BSC And other smart contract network accidents 。Nexus express ,In addition to smart contract attacks,The company also expanded the coverage of insurable events,Including the right Oracle The attack of 。

[first Polkadot Liquid mortgage products rDOT Officially launched 】

According to the official news,rDOT The product has been tested by the team 、External technical consultant audit、CertiK After the audit ,The main network has been officially launched。it is reported,rDOT The product is StaFi solve Polkadot Main network token DOT Decentralization of pledge liquidity DeFi product 。current rDOT App The expected rate of return is 14.9%,User owned rDOT token At present, it can be freely circulated and traded ,stay rAsset After the final launch of the product ,Users can go through the rAsset Of Swap Function will hold rDOT according to 1:1 Proportion converted into ERC-20 format ,And in Uniswap Free trade on the Internet 。

it is reported,rDOT Products can help DOT Staker The solution is as follows 2 A pain point :

1)No need to wait 28 The transaction can only be transferred or pledged after a long redemption period DOT assets 。rDOT Product users can transfer money and trade at any time rDOT Assets to get liquidity ,Hedging price risk, etc。

2)No need to learn complex NPoS Consensus mechanism and Staking Reward calculation rules can also be implemented Staking Maximizing revenue 。adopt rDOT product ,Users only need a few simple steps to move the DOT Deposit rDOT In the contract ,then rDOT The contract will be based on the revenue maximization strategy ,Choose the best witness independently to entrust。

[Boca ecological interoperability] DEX Polkaswap stay SORA [network soft start]

Official news,Boca eco interoperability decentralized exchange Polkaswap Announced in SORA Network soft start。Users can Polkaswap Trading and providing liquidity,Other assets can also be transferred from Ethereum to SORA network。PolkaSwap It's based on SORA Cross chain transaction protocol in network,SORA It's going to be a parallel chain of Boca。

[Boca ecology] DeFi project Stone Official reminder community Someone pretended to be an administrator for money,[don't be fooled]

Boca ecology DeFi project Stone Remind the community on twitter that "We received reports that someone pretended to be our administrator,And ask for personal information。Please note that,Stone The team will never ask users for any money 。Welcome to report fraud account。”

[Boca ecology] DeFi And forecast the market Polkamarkets Announced Online MVP Test network 】

According to the official news,Boca ecology DeFi And forecast the market Polkamarkets Announced Online MVP Test network 。Polkamarkets MVP The test network will allow its early supporters 、AMA &Competition winners and POLK Token holders gain early entry Polkamarkets Forecast market opportunities 。The goal is to test the platform and collect key feedback and performance data from real users。Although the platform will Kovan Testnet Run on (test network) ETH There is no real value ),But it's time MVP The test network will be displayed on the main network Polkamarkets The basic functions of 。

[blockchain data provider] Covalent start-up Web 3.0 Decentralized data infrastructure layer]

According to the official news,Blockchain data provider Covalent (CQT)Announced launch Web 3.0 Decentralized data infrastructure layer Covalent Network。Covalent Network It's a network for blockchain data,Governance token Covalent Query Token (CQT)Provide support,Token holders are allowed to propose network parameters、Voting and changes。in addition,Covalent Network Will use Moonbeam As the settlement layer。meanwhile,Covalent Network And it started Covalent Network Blockchain browser CQTScan,Provide online transactions、Block and other data information。

【NFTMart And 798 Ninety three cities、LengSheng studio、Keyi space Lingyun Gallery has reached cooperation]

recently,Boca is famous for its ecology NFT trading platform NFTMart And 798 Ninety three cities、LengSheng studio、Lingyun Gallery reaches cooperation agreement。NFTMart We will join hands with partners to promote the traditional art and intangible cultural heritage on the chain,Inject new development opportunities into Chinese cultural market。

No matter what 798 The national intangible cultural heritage of 93 City,Or Liu's brand painting in LengSheng studio,Or the Chinese calligraphy of Lingyun gallery、Landscape painting,They are all treasures of Chinese culture。For a long time,NFT The art field is mostly Western art style,Less oriental characteristics,NFTMart Will join hands with more Chinese artists to develop NFT market,by NFT Add more Chinese color to art field。

【Phala Announce participation Kusama Auction strategy : no new currency will be issued,1 individual KSM Contribution can be exchanged 100PHA】

4 month 30 Day and night ,Phala Network Prepare main network Khala Network Announce participation Kusama Parallel chain slot auction and release auction strategy。it is reported,Khala Provide information for the auction 1500 ten thousand PHA Jackpot ,Every user pledge 1 KSM Will get 100 PHA Reward (i.e,KSM: PHA=1: 100)。Users can Khala Crowdloan Dapp And exchange cooperation channel Khala Auction pledge KSM。in addition,As Khala Network original token,K-PHA And ERC20-PHA and Phala Future main network PHA Available 1: 1 exchange ,yes PHA Of Kusama Version pass。

[decentralized auction platform] Bounce Finance Will be Polkadot and Kusama Provide decentralized slot auction crowd loan service]

Decentralized auction platform Bounce Finance Will be the first hosted Boca Polkadot And its antecedent network Kusama Slot auction of parallel chain and decentralized market of crowd loan 。current Polkadot The number of parallel links supported by relay chain is limited,About 100 individual。stay Polkadot and Kusama It's near the top 400 Projects,Scarcity of parallel chain slots,Parallel chains are allocated to candidate projects through slot auctions。Candidates can use their own DOT、KSM Token as collateral,Or encourage community members to lock in their customers through crowdfunding loans DOT or KSM Let's auction the parallel chain。Crowdfunding loans are currently provided by centralized exchanges,This is counter party risk for participants。Bounce Finance Provide a decentralized solution for crowdfunding loans,Third party risks are avoided。

【Polkastarter Will be 5 month Uniswap and PancakeSwap Liquidity plan provision 4 Ten thousand pieces POLS reward 】

4 month 30 day ,Polkastarter The name of the article ,Liquidity provider(LP)In 4 Monthly access 35000 Pieces POLS reward ,value 13 Million US dollars 。this year 4 month Uniswap More than 1.18 USD100mn 。Polkastarter LP get 0.3%The cost of,Total income about 35.5 Million US dollars 。Uniswap LP The rewards and expenses are close 48.5 Million US dollars 。In addition, more than 36600 name POLS Token holder 。

cover Polkastarter White listed LP Continue to be eligible to participate in whitelist activities for all projects launched on the platform 。Soon PancakeSwap(Cake) LP It will also be on the white list 。Polkastarter Announced to extend liquidity plan 。5 This month will focus on Uniswap and PancakeSwap Liquidity plan provision 40000 Pieces POLS reward (value about 15 Million US dollars )。

【NFTMart Reach strategic cooperation with second red media 】

recently,Boca ecology NFT trading platform NFTMart Announcement and China Video e-commerce matrix MCN Second red media reaches strategic cooperation 。

Second red media will be its artists、Star、Introduction of musicians and other resources NFTMart,Create high quality NFT assets ,At the same time, we should use it MCN Live broadcast matrix ,take NFT Offline Exhibition 、Combination of art bidding and live channel,Break the barriers of online and offline。

adopt NFTMart platform ,Second red media second red media introduces live broadcast ecology NFT market ,Fans can bid for "digital souvenirs" from their favorite anchor。These can not only strengthen the intimacy between the anchor and fans,You can also use the NFTMart Open trading on the Internet gives anchors and users more opportunities to cash in ,Increase their loyalty,And attract more anchors and users to join NFT ecology 。

[the first Mars image taken by the Zhu Rong spacecraft will be cast NFT,Will be on 5 month 15 A charity auction will be held on May 21 】

Poka ecological public Chain Project Punk.Network Cast with Fude sports on the first photo sent back by Zhu Rong in China's fire exploration plan NFT Reach strategic cooperation ,This release will be authorized by the copyright owner of the photo, Fude sports Punk.Network Complete blockchain technical support ,A series of online activities will be carried out by both parties,Finally passed NFTCastle A charity auction ,All the auction money will be donated to China's space industry。China's first Mars exploration mission, tianwen-1 Mars probe 7 After more than a month of space flight ,Zhurong Mars lander will be launched in 5 month 15 We're going to land on the next day ,The main mission of the Zhu Rong spacecraft is to carry out surface composition research on Mars、Distribution of substance types、Geological structure and meteorological environment of Mars。

[Multi Chain] DEX DFyn Will be on 5 month 10 Day in Polkastarter conduct IDO】

Multi Chain decentralized exchange DFyn Will be on 5 month 10 Day in Polkastarter conduct IDO,Will be sold 325 Ten thousand pieces DFYN Token ,Unit Price 0.094 dollar ,The total value is about 30.55 Million US dollars 。At present, two rounds of white list applications have been opened,It will be held in Beijing time 5 month 4 day 23 It's over 。The first round is for non-governmental organizations POLS Holder's community wheel ,The second round of face to face POLS holder ; Users can apply for two rounds of whitelist,But only in one round。

4、Ecological investment and financing

Oracle service agreement Ares Protocol Already in Balancer LBP conduct ARES Public offering 】

Official news,Boca's first decentralized cross chain Oracle service protocol Ares Protocol stay Balancer LBP It's been done ARES Public offering ,Everyone can participate。Start time 4 month 26 day 4PM(UTC),End time 4 month 29 day 8AM(UTC)。The initial price is 0.86 dollar ,Deal for USDC/ARES。

[Boca ecology] NFT network UniArts Complete seed round and strategic financing 】

4 month 28 Japan news ,Boca's ecology NFT network UniArts Complete seed round and strategic financing ,Participating institutions include PAKA、Infinity Lab、Bi Tou Capital、SSSnodes、Alves Venture、Lancer capital、Ti Capital、 7 O'clock fund 。The current investment will become UniArts Funds required for follow-up development and market promotion 。

UniArts It's based on substrate Developed ,be used for NFT a literary creation ,Blockchain network for auction and distribution。UniArts Industry level NFT Authoring tools and cross chain solutions ,It aims to become an enterprise,Individuals even AI Main gateway between creators and blockchain network ,All kinds of unique works of Art,Converging on a unified NFT platform 。

【Clover Will be on 5 month 5 Passed on CoinList Conduct the fourth round of public offering 】

4 month 29 day ,CoinList Blog announcement :Clover Will be on 5 month 5 Passed on CoinList Conduct the fourth round of public offering ,The starting time is Beijing time 5 month 5 day 1 spot ,The token price is 0.2 dollar ,Lock period 12 Months ,The purchase limit is 100-1000 dollar 。

before ,Clover adopt CoinList It's been done 3 Round of public offering ,Co financing 3885 Million US dollars 。

【Oxydev Strategic investment from several institutions ,And sign SAFT Sales agreement 】

from Zam Boca content value asset cross chain ecological project led by doctor OxyDev get Virtual Asset Fund 、Omega Crypto Fund 、UnionBlock Joint block fund 、MaxMind Captical、Beacon Capital、Haoke venture capital、77k Capital And other institutions 。OxyDev The foundation announced the signing SAFT The agreed organization has the ability to sell OxyDev Rights and interests of pass 。

[Multi Chain] NFT market Polkarare Announce completion 200 US $10000 financing ,OKEx Blockdream Ventures、Moonrock Capital Isoparametric investment 】

According to the official news,Multi Chain NFT market PolkaRare Announce completion 200 US $10000 financing ,AU21 Capital、Astronaut Capital、OKEx Blockdream Ventures、X21 digital、Digital Finance Group (DFG)、Playcent Capital、Moonrock Capital、Morningstar ventures、Momentum 6、ExNetwork Capital、Genesis BLock Ventures (GBV)、Onchain Capital、IceTea Labs、Magnus Capital、Chronos Ventures、GenBlock Capital、Moonwhale Ventures、BlockSync Ventures、Raptor capital、Lotus Capital、Kyros Ventures、Titan Ventures、De(0de Capital、DAOMaker、BTA Ventures、CinchBlock and Fomocraft Ventures etc. 150 Multiple participants 。

[Boca Eco's first cross chain compatibility DeFi+NFT agreement SporeOcean Complete the round financing of ten million institutions 】

According to the official news,the near future,SporeOcean The private equity round of spore agreement agency has completed 10 Ten million level financing of a Russian investment company ,包括ООО «НКГ Инжиниринг»、ООО ИК «КьюБиЭф»、ООО «Открытие брокер»、ООО УК «Альфа-Капитал»、АО «Тинькофф Банк» 、ООО «Компания Брокеркредитсервис»、ООО ИК «Фридом финанс»、ООО «Атон»、ООО «Церих»、ПАО «Русс инвест»。SporeOcean before 种子阶段融资Of投资方包括 SV global investment、Sanda investment、Cantors Goldwin capital 、Bright capital、Armonia investment、Infinity Venture。

SporeOcean Spore protocol is the first cross chain compatible protocol in Boca ecology DeFi、NFT The basic agreement for the expansion of new financial boundary 。SporeOcean Interoperability infrastructure of ,Provides the ability to create all leading edge encryption products (decentralized Finance),game,Enterprise level interaction,Social products, etc.),Scale up the real world asset chain,Make any cryptocurrency、Stable currency、NFT Cross chain pledge of assets becomes possible ,reach 100%Capital utilization ratio of the company。at present,SporeOcean Already in 10 Countries (USA)、China、India、Japan、the republic of korea、britain、Canada、Germany、Singapore、(Russia) 30 Offline communities have been established in many cities ,It has attracted a number of seed users and completed the cold start of global brand development。To quickly build a global brand consensus,present SporeOcean Take out a small amount ,Public offering officially opened。

[Boca ecological open financial platform] Continuum Access to institutions 150 US $10000 investment 】

According to the official news,Boca ecological open financial platform Continuum Finance get 77k Capital、Robot Capital、Delphi Digital、Venture_DAO、CompoundVC and Kenetic Capital A total of six foreign investment institutions 150 US $10000 investment ,The investment will be used for Continuum Finance The underlying research and development work of aggregate token trading and currency flow protocol 。Continuum Finance The goal is to maximize the integration of token liquidity and the advantages of all current interest rate agreements ,Building token exchange、Decentralized financial aggregator of money market and liquidity agreement。

[based on Polkadot Of Infrastructure as a service project Pinknode complete 70 US $10000 private financing ,AU21 Capital Isoparametric investment 】

Official news,be based on Polkadot Of Infrastructure as a service project Pinknode complete 70 US $10000 private financing ,Astronaut Capital、Moonrock Capital、Petrock Capital、Momentum 6、X21 Digital、Signum Capital、Faculty Capital、Digital Strategies、AU21 Capital、White Palm Ventures、Das Kapital and Parity Technologies Of Eric Wang Participation 。

5、Ecological cooperation

[Boca eco money market agreement] Konomi Identity and identity agreement Litentry Reach cooperation 】

According to the official news,Boca eco money market agreement Konomi Declaration and identity agreement Litentry Reach cooperation ,Will use Litentry Centralized identity authentication based on Chain (DID)Data Konomi Growing customer demand for borrowers and lenders ,And will Konomi Integration of identity data into Litentry In the aggregation protocol of 。

[Boca ecological cross chain DEX agreement Zenlink Poka and ecology Wasm Contract Technology Laboratory Patract Achieve strategic cooperation]

Boca ecological cross chain DEX agreement Zenlink Poka and ecology Wasm Contract Technology Laboratory Patract Reach strategic cooperation ,The two sides will jointly explore the ecological environment of Boca Wasm Contract solutions。Zenlink Will use Patract Development tools provided Redspot And contract operation sandbox environment Europa yes Zenlink Wasm Upgrade the contract version,meanwhile Zenlink Will also join Patract Open platform(Patract Open Platform)。

Zenlink It's based on Polkadot Decentralized transaction network based on cross chain,Can make parallel chain have fast DEX ability,And can share liquidity with other parallel chains。Patract For Boca Wasm Parallel chain and contract ecology DApp Development provides solutions,Patract Open platform Patract Labs launch,Designed to promote Wasm Large scale popularization of contract technology in Boca ecology。

【Standard Protocol And decentralized insurance service platform Bridge Mutual Achieve strategic cooperation]

Standard Protocol And decentralized insurance service platform Bridge Mutual Reach strategic cooperation。The two sides will cooperate on the security of mortgage assets。Bridge Mutual Will be Standard Protocol Smart contract、Stable currency and exchange are different Defi Reliable solutions to risks such as use scenarios,So as to better protect the mortgage assets and enhance the security,Enhance the credibility of the algorithm stabilization system。In addition to the previous and Litentry Cooperation of,Standard It can prevent multiple identity fraud more effectively,Reducing the risk of the whole ecological financial system。

Standard It is a hybrid mortgage flexible supply stable currency agreement based on Boca ecology,Allow cross chain digital assets as security,It has its own decentralized Oracle and efficient clearing mechanism based on automatic market maker。

[Boca eco Internet of things platform] Nodle and DeFi platform Acala Composability has been realized between 】

Boca eco Internet of things platform Nodle And Boca DeFi platform Acala Through the recent XToken integrate ,Both sides realized composability。Nodle Will be integrated in the parallel chain code base Acala Of XToken,To support in other chains (e.g Acala or Laminar etc. )Between sending and receiving NodleCash Token 。