The battle of the public chain bsc piece It's all wealth codes

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The stationmaster is here 2 In May, I introduced the coin security system ,Now look at this table. It's all passwords,The performance of the coin safety system in these two months can be described as very bright,Especially with PancakeSwap The prosperity of ,cake Wait for the crowd bsc The ecological environment has set new records one after another ,Let the layout bsc The early stage of the track players make a lot of money 。

公链bsc Introduction to ecology

At present, the whole bsc ecology tvl by 410 USD100mn ,The account address is 6800 Ten thousand ,24 hour TXN by 847 ten thousand 。What is the concept?eth Now every day TXN by 141 ten thousand ,and bsc What is the number of transactions eth Of 6 times ,eth Of tvl by 800 USD100mn ,yes bsc Twice as much as ,This is also reflected from the side bsc The popularity of ecology 。

公链at present TVL The top 10 projects are xvs-cake-bunny-belt-mdx-eps-auto-value-nrv-banana;among pancakeswap All over the country defi Ranking first in ecology ,venus Ranked fifth 。

公链At present, the whole ecology has 528 Projects ,Including defi、game、tool、wallet、nft、Social and other tracks,Dozens of new projects are launched every day,Another one eth What does it look like 。

公链Noteworthy items



Venus(XVS),An intelligent chain based on coin security(BSC)Stable currency issuing platform based on credit。Venus It aims to establish a decentralized financial system on the coin an intelligent chain (DeFi) Lending market,And allows you to pass through a series of BEP-20 Issuance of mortgage assets into stable currency assets 。XVS It's the origin of the platform BEP-20 Governance token ,It is mainly used to participate in platform governance,For example, for product upgrades,Add new collateral type,Adjust platform parameters to vote。Where is the stationmaster 2 It was introduced in June ,What was the price then 30 dollar ,Now it is 130 dollar ,It's up 4 Times more ,You just need to know that this is the son of coin an。


pancakeswap yes bsc The biggest in the world dex Decentralized trading platform ,The benchmark is eth above uniswap,Including farm、pool、nft、ifo And other functions ,at present tvl by 100 USD100mn ,And it's growing,One of the highlights is farming with leverage,The second is that nft,This is it. cake It's up this year 100 The reason for that 。


pancakebunny(rabbit) yes bsc Revenue aggregator above ,What is the benchmark eth above yfi at present tvl by 77 USD100mn ,It's growing very fast in the last week,We need to study the details ourselves,Suitable for large families。

公链4.value defi

Value DeFi Always in the process of creating cross chain DeFi The forefront of ecosystem ,The ecosystem is equipped with a range of high-tech products,For example, my own AMM and DEXs Aggregator (vSwap),Vault(vSafe),Custom liquidity solutions(vFarms / FaaS),Algorithmic Stable currency (vUSD),Loans and so on! The team was initially launched on Ethereum,Recently extended to BSC,It will be further extended to HECO。This project can be said to be defi There are more innovative projects in it ,The webmaster believes it's true tvl On heco After that, it will continue to rise ,It belongs to the black horse project.

公链5.Nerve finance

Nerve yes Binance Smart chain (BSC)Automated market makers on the Internet(AMM),The aim is to stabilize the currency and other fixed assets of low slip point trading。Nerve The first pool is a basket of stable currencies linked to the US dollar ,include BUSD,USDT and USDC。One of the highlights is the low handling charge,Trading for characteristic assets,The service charge is cheaper; Second, cross chain btc and eth,Bring other assets in defi。at present tvl77 USD100mn ,market value 1.7 USD100mn ,Token nrv Price 5.74 dollar ,Stationmaster is optimistic about this project,Look forward to the following performance!


ApeSwap yes Binance Smart Chain(by PancakeSwap Derived )Automated market makers on the Internet,It allows the exchange of any combination of two tokens on the coin security smart chain。This project stationmaster also likes very much,Functions include farm、pool、iao、nft、apezone,What is the governance token banana adopt iao Can develop into a fruit empire ,nft It's also very valuable at the moment ,There must be reuse in the future,Stationmaster thinks this is a project that can be compared with alpaca,at present tvl5.6 USD100mn ,Token price 10.68 dollar ,Up 10 times 。


BTCST It's a mortgage-backed asset ,The goal is to become the gray trust of bitcoin mining hash rate,Connect bitcoin mining world to DeFi world 。One of the highlights is the pledge of computing power,Endorsement of large mines; The second is that nft layout ,Third, multi currency rebase at present tvl by 3.1 Billion US dollars in stagnation ,The webmaster suggested that once btcst Of tvl There's a twist ,You can follow up boldly,The current token price is 72 dollar 。

公链8.Alpaca Finance

Alpaca Finance It is the first smart chain based on coin security Binance Smart Chain Leverage income liquidity mining agreement。One of the highlights is that APY It's generally high ,The main reason is the increase of leverage,It has the first advantage in lever agriculture; The second highlight is the interest rate of agreement loan 50%,Calculation of liquidation expenses 100%,All will be bought back and destroyed; The third is the highlight nft Out of the circle ,There's something wrong recently nft,People who have played on alpacas can get one for free nft Small video ,There are people outside now 500u start ; The fourth is that 7 No pancake Syrup pool 。at present tvl Has reached 19 100 million dollars ,It's pretty awesome,Stationmaster is optimistic about the ecological development behind。