Inventory NFT platform :Mozik、NFTMart、Showcase、DeFine Art

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NFT It's the closest to our lives ,And the most grounded blockchain products,along with NFT My reputation is very high ,Various NFT Platform gushing 。There are people who only focus on one kind of art Mozik,There are also some comprehensive, such as NFTMart,Showcase,DeFine Art,The attribution of these projects lies in the use of decentralized blockchain and token to bring better benefits to art creators,There are some differences in their ways。If we were creators,What platform will you choose to publish?


In the past few decades,The Internet has changed the way we create and consume music,Great changes have also taken place in the music industry。And there are new standards,These standards shift control from the "number one" to the people。

But this transformation is not unique to music。In the digital age,Almost any business transaction between buyers and sellers has undergone revolutionary changes。We can imagine,How to use the new cafeteria TripAdvisor or Yelp And other tools ! To enable consumers to evaluate and evaluate the business。


With the power of this new discovery,The music industry needs to keep a balance。Because these changes are responsible for musicians,The rise and fall of record companies and enterprises。The musician suddenly realized,Getting rid of business operation is accompanied by the arduous task of self promotion and continuous innovation。

Consumers now seem to have found a new way to consume music,There is no need to use the filter of media planning or advertising supported by large companies。conversely,Musicians need to understand and learn how to be their own boss to compete for these "attractions"。

The pain point of music industry

1.Most artists make little money

Most music artists are willing to take part in this long competition,And believe it will pay off in the end。Unfortunately,For those who want to develop their career by publishing original music,This does not guarantee economic development。

Nowadays, music is everywhere,It can be consumed more easily than ever。thus,Every day brings more and more new opportunities for musicians,The music industry can also get rapid development。

that,Why do musicians try to make money from it? If the Internet is portrayed as a revolution,Why don't artists profit from these changes?

Citigroup A recent group study shows that ,stay 2017 Created by the music industry in 430 Out of $100 million in revenue ,The artist only got 12%。Statistics show that,Although the entire music industry is still profitable,But its main players,Music artists who contributed their talents were abandoned。

Music artists in the largest music streaming media platform Spotify How much profit did you make on the Internet ,This fact is proved again。The expenses paid by the company to the obligee$ 0.006 reach $ 0.0084 between 。If you want to make money every month 1000 dollar ,You have to be heard at least 12 Ten thousand times 。and,Only if the artist is the sole right holder of the track,This is the case,But this rarely happens。

2.Long term trading has become history

before,Promising musicians have more time to grow up before the break,Try and even fail。How many records will the record company sign,And during that time,The artist has a chance to mature。And now,The music industry requires a complete track。

in addition,At that time, music was not a big problem for money,So music studios and record companies sometimes bet on outsiders and innovators。That's how we met Frank·ZapA(Frank Zappa)The way of waiting for people。

3.Industry monopoly and paid promotion

Just like any market dominated by a few key players,The music industry is still hard to enter as an outsider。

as SoundCloud The popularity of rap singers and the loss of pop songs are enough proof ,The Internet should democratize public access and distribution。For all that,Fame and success depend more on luck to a great extent,Opportunities and extraordinary marketing。


that NFT How will it disrupt the music industry ?

NFT Stored on the blockchain ,It is similar to cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and Ethereum。however,NFT What's unique about it is that ,Two numeric objects may never be exactly the same。NFT It can be created by images ,music,Artwork,GIF Even physical projects 。

Before the new crown,Most music artists come from touring,Profit from ticket sales and merchandise。Now?,NFT It is considered as a means to bridge the income gap 。for example,Pop musicians and visual artists Grimes Sold a series of NFT Digital art 。The total transaction price of her digital art works is 600 Million US dollars 。

NFT It could completely change the way the music industry works ,So as to bring the power into the hands of the creative artists who promote the industry。This will allow artists to display their work directly on the blockchain,Without expensive marketing。

Artists have the potential to offer exclusive music videos,Behind the scenes information and album cover。and,They can always use their albums as an example NFT Album release 。

music NFT platform Mozik

Mozik It's a decentralized music NFT platform ,To build a healthier environment,A fairer music ecosystem。

Through decentralized NFT platform ,Mozik Using the blockchain technology through music copyright ,Superstar IP,Celebrity traffic and IP On the chain IP Derivatives to register earnings 。All participants in the music ecosystem,Including creators,publisher,Customers and fans,All can participate fairly。adopt Mozik Our platform ,It will encourage artists to create more and better quality music。By reducing distribution costs and increasing the participation of music fans,All participants can share the reward,And create a healthier environment,A fairer music ecosystem。

As the music industry will continue to rely on streaming media services and other forms of income generation,Therefore, artists should also benefit from it,That's fair。



NFTMart Committed to be the most professional decentralization in the world NFT Trading market 。It is divided into two parts。The first part is,It's an open style,Decentralized NFT Public chain ,Mainly used for distribution NFT Products and data transactions on the chain 。The second part is the analysis website ,It provides users with friendly trading scenarios,So that users can easily and quickly upload or trade NFT。

NFTMart It is based on the underlying architecture ,The architecture is natural and flexible Polkadot Combination of cross chain ecology 。Therefore, the whole network cross chain model will be NFT Trading brings unlimited possibilities 。

in addition,because NFTMart Of NFT Low cost of professional blockchain development ,Thus, the problem of high transaction cost and low efficiency in Ethereum network is solved。and NFTMart Safe and reliable ,Upgrade without forking。The coordination between the public chain layer and the business layer can also make it easier to provide services。

because NFTMart The decentralizing property of ,After growing up,Eventually, it will turn into community autonomy。Advanced distribution mechanism can protect the interests of many parties,At the same time, different transaction modes (Dutch auction) are provided,UK auction,Candle auction, etc.),Provide more sales options for businesses。



1. What is? Showcase?

Showcase It's a mobile app that combines marketing and social media capabilities 。And those with less influence can use it NFT Creator tool creation NFT"Badge",Share links with fans on social media,And get income by selling badges。on the other hand,Fans will receive numbers with artwork NFT,They can display or trade on their personal data。

Influential people can donate some of the badges sold to various charities,And show it to the public。although Showcase Designed to facilitate mass adoption and ease of use ,But completely decentralized and unmanaged is retained NFT ownership 。

2. Market access strategy

In terms of token,Showcase Is working with the promotion of token encryption influencer And famous people in the field Garlam Responsible marketing team cooperation 。In terms of products,They are already in contact with influencer Established a relationship for more than a year ,And hundreds of them have been pre registered influencer To use the application 。

Showcase It will also be with you influencer cooperation ,And try to get them on the platform,Introduce them NFT,And help them create their first badge。This is a non encrypted file influencer The process of Education ,Many of them are currently on sale T Accept or accept donations 。

3. Product feasibility

The target market will be influencer Monetization 。This includes sponsored posts,Customized commodity platform and donation platform。

Showcase think ,Compared with existing profit-making solutions,The product is more beneficial to net celebrities and fans。Compared to people who sell physical goods and pay for manufacturing and transportation,Influential people will get more income。Fans can share their early adopter identities with friends,These are not limited by the size of the wardrobe。So compared to donations,Fans are more motivated to donate。without doubt,Recently on social media,A wide public response to NFT I got interested ,This will undoubtedly make users and influencer It's easier to get into the process 。In product design,The team looked at existing markets and social media applications,And draw inspiration and their user experience。

therefore Showcase And NFT The art platform is different ,It should be NFT A digital form considered collectable ,Not high art。

DeFine Art


Decentralization in Asia NFT platform DeFine Art Officially launched ,All users can now exchange on this platform NFT。DeFine It will be based on the existing market ,For Asia's broader NFT Ecosystem support 。

At the same time of official release,DeFine It has attracted famous artists and artists from Korea and China influencer To make it NFT assets ,And auction on its platform。Some of the initial collaborations included Korean contemporary artists and animators from South Korea Mari Kim,And social media stars Bart Baker,He's here TikTok Parent company in China Douyin have 1500 Million fans 。DeFine claim ,There will be more top artists in Asia,musician,Influential people and creative talents enter NFT The world and its platform 。

DeFine Our goal is to build in Asia NFT Ecosystem at the same time ,Establish and Opensea and Nifty Gateway Similar to other platforms ,The first priority with Asia as the center NFT platform 。The platform promotes the integration of real world assets and blockchain technology in many aspects,Among them, digital art,Music and video,game,Collections and decentralized financial assets token into digital assets。in addition,Its function is similar to that of decentralization NFT market ,Its functions include auction,NFT Initial issue (INO),On the chain exhibition and DeFi modular ,These modules enable NFT Asset token into a more liquid financial asset 。The platform will also support a variety of applications NFT standard ,Including Ethereum,Binance Smart chain (BSC),Klaytn and FLOW。